Fireboy and Watergirl

If you like adventures, games, and want to distract yourself from everything, we have a perfect game for you. Fireboy and Watergirl is a mini-game that will draw you into the other world, where danger is everywhere. However, the brave brother and sister have special super-powers and can handle all obstacles if you will lead them with wisdom and carefulness.

The two heroes of this game are elements of nature: fire and water. The ancients believed that all things in the world consist of 4 elements: fire, wind, water, and earth. So, two of those are our heroes. Despite being considered as opposites, here Fireboy and Watergirl act as partners. Without each other, they can’t save themselves.

Features of the game

The difference between this game and others is that players need to control two characters simultaneously. With different keys of a keyboard, you can lead both Watergirl and Fireboy. You can move them in rotation, or you can be a virtuoso and lead both at once.

Characters have different abilities: Fireboy can go through fire and it does not hurt him. Whatergirl can plunge into the water and it’s okay for her. But if Watergirl will touch fire she will die, if Fireboy will contact water it will kill him.

You need to give commands to both characters to jump through pools with lethal substances. Sometimes, it will not be so easy to indicate a threat. To win this game you’re going to need a lot of concentration.

The gameplay

Though the various locations on Fireboy and Watergirl have similar patterns, they are very diverse. The design of all locations dives you in the magical world and mystical atmosphere, but every new level gives you a different impression.

On every new level, you will face new trials, more treacherous traps, more difficult obstacles. New villains will try to destroy our friends. But every time it’s going to be more interesting because you will have gained experience.

Initially, you will appear in the light castle. In the next episode, it will be an ice castle. On the fourth level, it is a crystal castle. The fifth chapter is magic wood.

Who will suit the game?

If you want to raise dopamine in your brain and take pleasure in the achievements of new goals, this game for you. You can play along, but also you can socialize and invite a friend. They will play for the first character and you for the second.

If you want to succeed in this game you are going to need to learn teamwork. After doing so, you can go through all the challenges, find all secret doors, and achieve liberty; strength is in unity.

At first, it can seem that some levels are impossible to complete. But all you need is to use all the tools that you have. None of the levels are impracticable.

If you want to win a prize and achieve a champion status you are going to need a lot of patience. Help the brother and sister get out of evil worlds. Find bonus stars. You can collect them from the pools, but don’t forget what character is afraid of which kind of pool.