How to Make Games with Adobe Flash

Make Flash Games

Creating a game with flash goes through several steps. The first step when making flash games is to brainstorm. May seems a strange first step, but knowing what one wants to make their game about can help when creating the sprites and additional artwork. Since the game is going through flash, it is a 2D game. If one was aiming for a 3D game all done in flash, that may become a tad bit difficult. Flash only works with 2D animation and 2D art. The desire to create a 3D game would have to follow a different set of rules.

Flash games would require the sprites made, objects made and the action script ready for the sprites. Action Script 3.0 controls the game and game characters. It leads to the fun 15-minute games that most enjoy. Once the developer understands the program the next step is to test the fame. Debug it at every turn of the development. While testing the game, optimize, optimize, and optimize. Optimization let the game to flourish when entertaining those playing the games. 

Find a place to launch the created game. Launching a game from the flash software depends on the browser. Internet browsers will no longer support flash. Certain browsers such as Google, FireFox, Safari, and other sites are ones that won’t allow flash. Before launching, find the browser that will support the game. The last step is to continue updating and maintaining the game on the platform. Despite being well-made at launch does not mean it will stay new. Adding new features, optimizations with new technology, and giving it love can keep players returning to it. The final step needs repeating several cycles unless one comes up with a new game. Most 2D indie developers would need to learn the fundamentals of game development and programming. 

The vital step to making games is to have fun.