What Are Some Good Multi Player Flash Games

Flash Games

Flash Games are an amazing way to spend time with you friends, loved ones or significant others; especially if they live far away and you do not have time to bond with them in person. Buying consoles or physical online games can be expensive and if all parties do not want to commit to the price, finding a game you can play together online can be difficult. And that is why Flash Games can be so useful as many of them are free to play. Continue reading to find out some of the best Flash Games you can play with you friends online.

Castle Wars:
Castle Wars is a wonderful strategic online game you can play with a good friend. It is a two player card game that requires wit, skill and deck building experience. The point of the game is to take down your opponents castle to zero or build your castle up to 100 or higher. This game mechanic lets you be very creative in the way you design decks since it allows you to experiment with aggressive, passive and mid-field strategies. It is surely a game you can spend hours on.

Most people who play online games have attempted this one. The objective is simple; you are a blob and you need to eat blobs smaller than you to become the biggest blob on the field. The game is over when you are eaten. It is a simple yet addictive game you can play for hours.

Vikings Village: Party Hard:
If you like fantasy, this battle/comedy game is for you. You are a viking and you have to take out the rest of the vikings in the village. It is as entertaining as it is cute in its art style.